Tuesday, 12 April 2011

No authorised Advertising at the Olympics.

Draft legislation has been proposed ans put forward for the Olympics which makes its illegal for any advertising which has not been paid for to the Olympics Committee.

These sponsorship deals cost millions of £££ for a few weeks of the games, so the Olympics committee is keen to make sure that who ever has not paid can't advertise.

An interesting angle to this is Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops. The proposed law says that it is illegal "to carry an apparatus by which an advertisement is displayed at of within a few hundred meters of the Olympics venues during the games".

The Olympics committee will take this very seriously and will enforce it. So you better leave your phone, iPod, tablet or laptop at home.

Its obviously designed to stop the big boys advertising something they have not paid millions for at the games, but I  am sure the security teams at the Olympics will over exert their power in applying the law and have great fun doing so.

Make sure anything you wear is not displaying any logos or adverts...they will most likely check your underwear too for logos... ;->

 Advertising Legislation Link. 

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