Friday, 29 June 2012

Fuel Genie and the 3% fuel cost saving claim.... I won

As a company director i use Fuel Genie for my company cars. I was attracted to this because of a claim of save 3% on fuel costs by Fuel Genie when i joined in 2009.

However this claim has never materialised and mutiple emails have been ignored by Fuel Genie.

Today 29/6/12 i got an email from them saying this claim was based on a 2009 study carried out but never checked again although they kept using this claim. They have now agreed to take this claim off thier website and i hve asked for the claims to be taken off all petrol forecourts that Fuel Genie can be used.

As a business user there is fundamentally no saving to me in using Fuel Genie and its time they take responsibility for thier actions.

I have asked for a 3% refund, on all my Fuel Usage simce 2009, lets see what they do as clearly thier advertising was misleading and hence against the law.

But the one thing I am proud of is that a single small person like me finally forced Fuel Genie to admit their advertising was against the law and hence to take it off.

You only have to do a Google Search on Fuel Genie 3% discount to see cached website showing the misleading advertising.

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