Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lovefilm an Amazon company. Why can't they respect the Data Protection Act.

I left Lovefilm, now an Amazon company, as a customer last year.

But for the past one month Lovefilm has been harassing me with phone calls trying to win me back virtually every single day.

Despite informing them to stop calling me in line with the Data Protection Act, they have refused to do so. They simpy don't get it that I no longer wish to be a customer. How desperate can a company be for some business, and how exactly do they think by harnessing customers, will they get more custom?

Here is the number of times they called me from their 0845 286 1740 call center in just the last few days:

7th August - 10:05
6th August – 11:43

3rd August – 16:58

3rd August – 11:01
2nd August – 15:12
31st July – 18:32
30th July – 16:28

I even emailed this to the Amazon legal team but they have still not shown any respect to statutory law.

I will keep updating the Lovefilm calling list untill they stop.

Hopefully this public shaming will stop them... I hope!!!

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