Friday, 21 September 2012

Reliance Communications used for my Father's ID Fraud

In February 2009, my father Divya Shah, went to Ahmedabad, India for an operation.

He is a British Citizen and hence not a resident of India and neither does he have any address in India.

He was in Ahmedabad for a period of 21 day and left in February of 2009.

In October 2009, a person in Ahmedabad managed to open a  Reliance Communications Post Pay Account under my father's name.

You will note that my father left India in February 2009 and this account was opened by Reliance Communications in October 2009.

They did this as they required a bill with y father's name and a local address on it to give to Kotak Life to mess about with a life assurance policy my father has with Kotak.

I found out in September 2012 that this Reliance Communications bill with my father's name and an Indian address was used at Kotak. This is clearly ID Fraud and against the law.

I subsequently asked Reliance Communications to look into this and provide me with details of the evidence submitted to prove that the person opening this Reliance Communications telephone account was my father, but rather than investigate this ID fraud i am simply being pushed from pillar to post by Reliance Communications.

Is there anybody within Reliance Communication who after reading this Blog can assist in investigating what paper work was used to open this account under my father's name? My father left the India in February 2009 and is a British Citizen who does not have any Indian residency, so how did Reliance Communications open an account on his name?

Reliance Communication by law would have been required to do some checks to prove that the person who claimed to open the account under my father's name was genuinely my father. As my father was never in India what was used to open this account?

So far Reliance Communications email Help simply keeps telling me that I should go to my nearest Reliance Shop, but I am in the UK. Its amazing what sort of people are at the end of this Reliance Communications email helpdesk.

This is ID Fraud, simple. Reliance Communication's lack of ID checks made this possible and they need to take ownership of it.

Mr Anil Ambani, are you going to look into this at all, or you not care just like your email helpdesk?

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