Wednesday, 29 August 2012

BAA Heathrow T5 Parking Pod failure - No face for BAA CUstomer Services here

This is a failure of the Heathrow T5 Business Parking Pod system where you pay premium parking rates.

Its not bad that it failed, because these things do fail, what was worse was that they refused to send anybody down for the 20 minutes it was out of order.

We had to listen to a voice hiding behind the screen, who after a while stopped picking up the help phone also.

This is Customer Services which is truly shameless. It was 9.30pm, totally dark but BAA Heathrow refused to send any person down to assist or help calm passengers - they even stopped responding to the support telephone also.

BAA Heathrow - can I expect a refund (Heathrow Airport parking confirmation - Ref U4LWJQ).

A video of the BAA person hiding behind the screen refusing to pick up multiple times I available at:

So rather than even pick up the remote phone service, they hung up on us, not once, not tice but nearly four times.

It is clear that the Pod is entirely unmanned and that vulnerable people or people travelling with young children will face a very hard time when the system breaks down, as BAA is an effort to save money will not have any real person to assist you.

When it works its great, but when it breaks down, BAA sends no real person and people at the end of the phone don't want to speak to you either. This is truly wrong!!!

Why can a real person not be available at the Pod itself, its totally wrong they refuse to put a real person on hand, especially during failures.



  1. Perhaps the people they did have on staff were busy addressing the failure. They could go down to try to placate the waiting passengers, or fix the problem?

  2. The business parking makes about £4.5 million a year, do you not think at a time of breakdown a real face from the entirety of the BAA organisation would help passengers?

    But you make a good point, clearly the business parking only has people to look after the parking pod system, not the passengers who paid for the service.