Thursday, 24 March 2011

Amazon Android App store going live... but only is the USA.

I am in the UK and was allowed to download the Amazon Android App store.

It than asks me to enter my Amazon credentials which I do with my Amazon UK account.

It accepts this and then shows the Apps.

I click on Angry Birds RIO and complains of 1 click not being active, so it takes me to the Amazon website and shows me my UK account where I activate 1 click.

Still when I try to download the App it complains of 1 click not setup. I double check and it is.

Others who complain about this on the internet point to the fact that the App store is for the USA only.

SO why does Amazon allow me to:

Download the app store with a UK IP address?

Sign in with a UK Amazon account?

Ask me to setup 1 click on the UK account?

Nowhere does it tell me that not being in the USA is the problem. This is a poor design by Amazon but I am used to it.

Well I will simply have to wait for Angry Birds RIO.

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