Friday, 25 March 2011

More email lists go missing -, Tripadvisor.


In the last 7 days both and Tripadvisor have stated that their marketing email databases which collectively probably exceed 40 million email addresses have been hacked and taken off them.

What surprises me is how both these organisations make it out that its just an email address and hence it is okay. Also they both state that it was not their fault and they were part of an elaborate attack. How is this even acceptable?

Both organisations clearly know they have a legal duty to look after the information and should proactively check and probe their systems, yet none actually do.

However in the case of Tripadvisor there are reports and rumours that the internal system was open to all employees without any restrictions and hence ripe for the taking.

Unless the EU and USA tighten up their Data Protection rules and assign some criminal convictions to them, nothing will force a CEO to take Information Assurance seriously.

Ahh well here is to more spam.

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