Thursday, 17 March 2011

When its personal....

When you put your name against something and its in constant view by a large number of people it sort of forces you to fix the issues to maintain your image.

For example Omega rushed across its best watch repairer from Switzerland simply because the Olympics Countdown clock had stopped and it had the word Omega on it.

It would be great if Government IT projects also did this such that the name of the system integrator or consultancy firm was on the screen all the time. If the software was badly implemented atleast the users would constantly be reminded of who implemented it.

When it comes to a report in the newspaper or in Parliament it is generally the name of the Govt department which has failed to implement the system correctly as opposed to also naming and shaming the System Integrator or Consultancy company.

I agree that at times the Goggles Department is also to blame but both the department and the Integrator should be named and shamed together.

It might help Government IT projects be implemented correctly, on time and to an acceptable budget.

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