Wednesday, 23 March 2011

UK IPad2 launch and Price drop

The Ipad2 launches in less than 48 hours in the UK.

However what is even better mews is the drop in price by £30 pounds to £399 for the Wifi 16gb entry version.

This is great marketing for Apple. £399 is a price which undercuts every other decent dual core 10inch Android device but still has the strong App Store specially designed for the Tablet orientation.

And now that all the i related devices are undergoing FIPS 140-2 encryption evaluation it makes it a great time for the enterprise to invest also.

Google is really missing a trick here. Sure it has its following and I too use the Nexus S, but in tablet form even I would not argue with the Ipad2.

Its now thinner, lighter and supports Facetime too.

Here is hoping there is enough stock at the UK launch.

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