Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Testing, testing, testing... Visa card glitch for the 2012 Olympics website.

Apparently the website provider for the worlds most important website during this time did not test correctly with the payment provider Visa that all cards which expire in 4 months from the 17th of March (July 2011) would be rejected as a form of payment.

All such customers need to use offline payment by walking into a Lloyd's bank branch and pay by cheque or cash and select the games they wish to see.

Remember as Visa is the official payment provider you can only use Visa cards for paying for tickets and buying anything in the Olympics Village during the games.

Who does not for see such a situation - a very bad Testing strategy.

This is yet another fail after the Olympics Omega 500 day countdown clock stopping in under 24 hours.

I am amazed that large programmes such as the Olympics still cut corners on something like testing.

There is no replacement for a very good Testing strategy and an equally good testing team.

I just hope the Olympics go off without a hitch, but atleast after 2 public fails the Olympics Programme should have learnt something and they do have 499 days left still.

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