Thursday, 10 March 2011 - i can have two account with the same email address but different passwords....

Recently i logged on to my account and tried to look at my buying history only to find that i only had 3 months worth of history, rather than 6 years!

I first wrote to who told me that i had two accounts, with the same email address but with different passwords. This was amazing to hear so i called them up and yes it was confirmed. They did reset both passwords i could get back to these accounts.

But WHO designs a portal where you can have such a credentials system? How can i have two accounts with the same email address but with different passwords? How does this happen?

Amazon's written asnwer to this is: "The reason for it creating a new account under the same email address could be that the option of being a new customer was/not having a password was chosen."

I am absolutely amazed, but if anybody from Amazon is reading this, probably they can confirm or deny.

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