Monday, 21 March 2011

Google gets a €100,000 fine in France for Streetview.

Finally some financial penalty for Google's Streetview debacle.

The Data Protection Supervisor in France has ordered Google to pay the maximum penalty of €100,000.

I am sorry but nobody saw through Google's bullshit*t of the code which collected raw unencrypted wireless data was accidentally introduced into the Streetview Production code. Google is far too big a company not to have a strict policy on how code is introduced into a production system.

However what is surprising is the different reaction by the various Data Protection Supervisory authorities across the EU who are all supposed to implement and police the same EU Data Protection Directive.

It just shows that the EU still does not operate in a single manner.

I for one am happy to see Google brought down a peg who have not commented on the matter at all.

Lets see how many other Data Supervisory Authorities follow France. I hope they do and soon.

Although the fine is a drop in the ocean for Google it sends a very clear message to them, do not try your luck at processing personal data unless you have permission and are operating within the law.

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